Nursing students help at annual Community Health Fair


Maggie Ibarra

Elizabeth Irby, CPR/First Aid teacher of SWMC, has a couple of kids race each other doing CPR at the Community Health Fair.

Maggie Ibarra, Reporter

On Oct. 5, Southwest Medical Center hosted the Community Health Fair. The health fair took place at the Seward County Activity Center and had more than 50 booths dedicated to health and wellness, as well as free exams and lab tests that cost $35. This year marked the 11th event in a row that was held.

Students from the Seward County Community College allied health department volunteer at the event. They take

“The whole purpose of the health fair is just to be able to provide services so that our community can be healthy.” Janeth Vazquez, Director of Marketing and Development of SWMC, said.

One of the booths that was involved in the Health Fair was Panhandle Area Community Therapies (P.A.C.T.) They train and register dogs and handlers to give music therapy, pet therapy, and art therapy. PACT are most known to have therapy dogs.

Jo Humphrey, one of the dog trainers in the program, said “the ultimate goal [for PACT] is to make someone smile when they come visit our dogs.”

Another booth at the fair was a CPR booth by SWMC with Elizabeth Irby. CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR is a lifesaving technique using a combination of chest compressions with artificial ventilation in an emergency event such as heart attacks or near drowning. Irby teaches CPR as well as First Aide at SWMC. At her booth, she talks about what CPR is, what to do, and also have people demonstrate and race each other.

“It’s a great way to get kids involved and have fun while learning,” Irby said.