Ask Crusader: Do teachers know we have lives outside of school?


Crusader staff

Dear Crusader, why don’t teachers realize that most of us work AND take classes? This time of the semester is soooo hard with homework, tests and papers. I’m stressed! Got any tips for catching a break?

This one is pretty hard to answer. But to answer this, I’ll talk about both sides. Teachers have accreditation requirements that they have to meet with their students when it comes to transferring to other colleges. For every hour in class, there’s two hours of homework required to do. Here at Seward County Community College, they require the minimum because most of the students here work a lot. On the other hand, if you have 2 jobs and you work overtime, you can talk to your professor and they would hopefully understand and make a compromise about assignments and homework. That should make things a little bit easier when it comes to homework. 

Now for tips, it’s almost finals week, which means it will be stressful for everyone. I would suggest that if your job allows you to do homework while on the job, you can start from there. Don’t cram before a test! You may think it works, but it doesn’t.The problem with cramming is that all the info that you just learned will disappear once you start the test because of short term memory. Start studying a couple days before the test and while you study, chew gum. Yes that’s right! When you take the test and chew the same flavored gum, all the info that you studied before will come back, plus it will give you more energy when you take it. For assignments that are difficult to make time for, talk to your professor about what you are having trouble with, or if you have issues going on outside of school. They do understand that we have lives outside of school, so they should be able to make a compromise with you if you talk to them. 

Hope this helps and remember: sleep is important too! 


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