TikTok becomes newest trend on campus


Annette Meza

TikTok has become the new popular social media on campus lately and around the world. Students on campus spend their free time making TikToks or watching them with friends.

Annette Meza, Co-Editor

Lip syncing videos, sketches, dancing videos, memes and funny trends all make up the essence of the app that’s invaded other social media: TikTok. TikTok is an app that allows people to create 15 second videos, and if they’re funny enough, they “blow up” and go viral.

Courtesy TikTok Media Kit
The Tik Tok logo is becoming well known on campus as the popularity of the app spreads.

Since the release of this app, TikTok has accumulated about 500 million users. In 2018, the app Musical.y surfaced and became very popular with users. It was later bought by China’s ByteDance and was renamed as TikTok. Now, China has its own version of TikTok called Douyin. 

While TikTok may be considered cringey sometimes, there’s no doubt that it’s hilarious content creators have made this app popular among young teens and young adults. Students at Seward County Community College make up a portion of these viewers.

Freshman computer information systems major Oscar Silva makes TikToks with his friends and finds himself watching them every day. He said his favorite part about the app is that you can make any kind of video you like with different songs, audio, filters and effects. 

“I first got the app in August of this year. I really like how the app has jokes and trends that we’ve never really seen or thought of before and that I can make some with my friends even if I’m not popular on it,” Silva said. 

For sophomore behavioral sciences major Molleigh McCormack, it was different. Her first impression of the app was that it was too cringey and annoying, but she later warmed up to the idea of the app by stumbling upon TikTok compilations on Facebook. 

I really like how the app has jokes and trends that we’ve never really seen or thought of before and that I can make some with my friends even if I’m not popular on it”

— Oscar Silva

“Now, my friends just send me videos and I laugh and I do watch them on my own on Facebook but I don’t think I will ever get the app. I don’t want to be sucked in and get addicted to it,” McCormack said.

TikTok is also being compared to the old video sharing app Vine by others, but users say that TikTok is better and more diverse than Vine. 

“I can see TikTok being the new Vine but not really because of the humor and skits. Since it’s not just six second videos though, it’s completely different,” Silva said. 

McCormack adds that because there’s different subcultures on TikTok compared to Vine, like dancing videos, lip syncing videos and even cooking videos, it can’t be the new Vine, but it is its own thing. 

TikTok is not just for kids and teens, but also older people. Biology major Victoria Martins brought up a good point and said that TikTok has something to offer for everyone, young or old, unlike Vine. Almost everyone using TikTok is comfortable with others in the community. However, Silva said that E-Boys and E-girls seem the be the cringiest of the crowd. 

Since Vine had its downfall in 2017, many wonder if the same thing will happen to TikTok since its popularity has risen. Silva thinks that it is possible for TikTok to outlive Vine, as long as they keep their users entertained and bring new aspects to the app. McCormack added that it’s hard to tell, because both apps are very unique on their own and it will be up to the audience in the future to not get bored.