10 Christmas gag gifts under $15



White Elephant gives an opportunity to have fun with a gift giving. There are some great gag gifts out there to entertain and help your gift be the hit of the party.

Maggie Ibarra, Reporter

The semester is over. You’ve turned in your books. It’s now time to think about the holidays and all of those gifts you need to buy.

One way that people give gifts to each other is by participating in White Elephant gift exchanges. Since white elephant is usually the price range between $15-$25, I thought I would show you 10 gag gifts that are under $15 to give for white elephant.

1. Gift of Nothing

This gift is for those who have everything. It’s literally a ball of nothing. You can find it at Amazon for $9.86

2. Mini Violin Replica

For any musician friends who are in the orchestra, this gift is for you. This tiny violin is 3 inches long and comes with it’s own case. It will make you feel like Mr. Krabs when he played the tiny violin in Spongebob. You can find this in Amazon for $11.98

Courtesy of Off the Wagon
If you just think meh when you think of the holidays… this ornament may be the perfect thing. Hang it from the ceiling and forget the tree altogether.

3. Toilet Mug

This hilarious coffee mug comes in two colors: white and golden. It holds 12 ounces of liquid and is perfect for people who are major coffee drinkers and have potty mouths. It costs $12.99 at Amazon.

4. People of Walmart Coloring Book

If you’re having a stressful moment, coloring is an ideal stress reliever, so why not get a People of Walmart Coloring Book to laugh and color for a major stress relief. It costs $10.80 at Amazon.

5. Giant Wooden Pencil

Finals season is coming up and we all need supplies for finals. This pencil is 14 inches long and get this: this is an actual working pencil. It writes like one and erases like one. The person who receives it can make it into their lucky pencil. You can get this at the Archie McPhee website for $6.95 plus shipping.

6. Grow a Boyfriend Novelty

Got someone who is single? You can definitely give them a mate that they can grow. It starts at 2 inches, submerge it in water, and grows to 12 inches. It costs $3.25 each on Amazon.

7. World’s Smallest Vacuum Cleaner

For someone who loves to clean even the smallest messes, this is for them. This tiny vacuum cleaner is 19 cm × 14 cm × 5 cm. It costs $18.99 on Firebox.

8. Meh. Anti holiday Ornaments

For someone who doesn’t like Christmas, this one is for them. Just like the person who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, this ornament gives them the Christmas Spirit that they never wanted. It costs $4.99 at this link.

9. Emergency Underpants

The name says it all. You can get this gift for friends for $6.55 on Amazon.

10. Forever Roll

Yes, that’s right. There’s a toilet roll that lasts a longer time than regular toilet rolls. According to Charmin (yes, Charmin made it), it lasts a month with about two people. It comes with two sizes: regular Forever Roll and Forever Roll XL. A regular Forever Roll costs $8.99 while a Forever Roll XL costs $13.49 at Charmin.