15 inches of snow blankets Liberal

Snow day equals fun day for college students


Annette Meza

Sophomore journalism major Annette Meza decided to help and shovel the snow off her driveway. She said it was very tiring but building the snow man afterwards was fun!

Annette Meza and Denise Perez

Throwing snowballs, binging Netflix original series or sleeping in are three of many ways Seward County Community College students spent their time on a snow day.

Liberal received a total of 15 inches of snow overnight on Jan. 27. Sublette and Satanta reported 13 inches while other areas received up to 8 inches. SCCC and surrounding schools closed due to the weather. 

Jade Harper

Students like sophomore biology major Natalie Melendez, were surprised to find out how much it actually snowed. 

“I did doubt we were gonna have snow, maybe ice but I didn’t think we were gonna have snow since we usually don’t. And if we did I didn’t think it would be a lot,” Melendez said. 

Melendez found out that her white fluffy dogs, Cujo and Coco, really love the snow. The bad thing is, is that they disappear in it. 


Other students, like Oscar Silva, freshman computer information systems major, chose to sleep in on the snow day.

Preston Burrows
 Oscar Silva, freshman computer information major, is caught sleeping in until 1 p.m.. His heated blanket was just the right reason he had to stay out of the cold.

Some students ventured outside for some fun in the snow – mixed in with a little work. After shoveling the snow off her driveway, Annette Meza, sophomore journalism major, built a snowman with her younger sister. 


You can’t forget about snowball fights! Eddie Cabrera, welding concurrent student from Satanta, has had three snow days this year. This snow, he said, is the only one big enough for a snowball fight with his friends.

Amberley Vervalin
Satanta High School Junior and SCCC Welding student, Eddie Cabrera, enjoys a good ole fashioned snow ball fight with one of his closest friends. After the snowball fight, Cabrera and his friends warmed up with some pancakes!

Last but not least, the Softball team was called together for a meeting but were actually ambushed with snow by their coaches!