All-Kansas academic team selected to represent Seward


Kelsey Cook and Kelsey Willson are proud to say they are representing SCCC/ATS on the All-Kansas academic team. “I was surprised. I thought it was for people with excellent GPAs,” Cook responded to her nomination and acceptance to the team. Each year, two-year community colleges nominate two students to be on the All-Kansas academic team. Nominations are based on outstanding academic performance and service to the college and community. Behavioral science instructor and Phi Theta Kappa sponsor, Debbie Stafford nominated Cook and Willson. “I’m so proud of Kelsey (Cook). I have been able to see her emerging as a leader,” Stafford said. “ I am amazed of everything that she is able to accomplish like setting up projects for PTK and seeing them through.”  Stafford has known Cook since she was a senior in high school because she was an ITV student of Stafford. The women submitted their applications, and about a month later received their acceptance to the team. Cook is vice president of SGA, president of PTK, and projects chair person for Student Nurse Association. She is also in the process of completing her application for the All-USA academic team. Willson was inducted to PTK Nov 20. Willson is an active student, coming from Ripley, Okla., to play on the women’s basketball team. “I’m honored to have been selected from the many students that attend Seward County. This honor really means a lot to me. Thank you to all the ones that nominated me. I am so blessed to be a part of this school and community,” Willson said. Willson is a sociology student of Stafford this semester. “I am impressed with the dedication that she has in academics,” Stafford said in regards to Willson’s character. “She has a good sense of morals and values.” Cook is also happy to be part of SCCC. “I would go here forever if I could,” Cook said. The women will be attending the All-State recognition program in Topeka in February 2012 where they will be receiving special recognition. Legislators, education leaders, and corporate leaders will be attending the recognition program, which makes Cook very nervous, excited, and anxious.