DIY Valentine’s gifts for your loved ones

This Valentines Day, make your significant other or best friend a home made gift.

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This Valentine’s Day, make your significant other or best friend a home made gift.

Denise Perez, Reporter

Valentine’s day is coming up and if you’re on a budget, these do it yourself gift ideas might be perfect for your loved one. 

Do you have a friend who is spending this Valentine’s day alone? Meet randy! Make your friend this easy DIY head made out of candy. All you need are toothpicks and her favorite candy.

Denise Perez
This DIY head is made out of black licorice, a gum drops headband, a Butterfinger mustache, Snickers eyebrows, and heart shaped eyes. It not only keeps you company on a lonely Valentine’s Day night, but it also hits the spot if you have a sweet tooth.

To make this sweet head, start by picking out your favorite candy and what you want to use for facial features, like the eyebrows or the eyes. 

Next, insert toothpicks into the candy and into the head to keep them on the styrofoam. 

Lastly, place the candy in the areas you have picked out.  

If Randy isn’t enough to please your girlfriend, then try this DIY heart with not only the date you and your soulmate met, but also with these beautiful colors. 

Denise Perez

Heart shaped candies and Snickers with your initials on it will complement the gift. To make this simple DIY all you need is paint, paint brushes, candy and tape to stick it on without ruining your project! 

First you want to pick out a painting to follow or colors that would intrigue your significant other.

Then you want to paint your object. You can buy this wooden heart at Walmart in the craft section.

After you paint your heart and decorate it, let it dry.

Then, put tape on your candy and carefully place them in areas you think would be most flattering. And lastly give it to your partner and enjoy!