Editorial: Crusader pushes through despite pandemic


Preston Burrows

Crusader News plans to continue informing and telling your stories with the best interest of the community.

In the wake of a pandemic that has not only taken the country, but the world by surprise, a southwest Kansas town has been shaken from everyday life. 

In-person college classes are cancelled, K-12 schools are closed for the rest of the school year and restaurants and service businesses recently close their doors, putting many jobs on hold or sadly having to fire others. 

Many students are continuing their college education through online formats such as Zoom, online chats, and Canvas where messages are sent with assignments. 

Crusader News
Crusader staff talks about stories during a virtual meeting this week. This is the new normal for most classes. Crusader News will continue providing students with news that is relevant to our community.

Crusader News has taken these same steps to continue with stories for the community and more importantly, keep the students of Seward County Community College involved with the rest of the college year and informed on any new changes.

While spring break was extended a week for some students, others were not as lucky because online classes already started so the class could finish the semester when they intended to do so. Crusader News is working hard with the staff and student workers by bringing ideas to online chats and assigning stories to complete. 

With our team efforts, we have been posting and updating stories about the Coronavirus and how the community, the college, and students are affected.

We intend to finish out the semester strong with stories that people want to read, especially now with the free-time in self-isolation or quarantine. Crusader News is asking students and others to help the media by submitting their ideas through our website contact list or being willing to be in contact with us so the student voice of SCCC is not lost during this crisis. 

Many stories have already been published from student reactions to the virus to ways to adjust to the changed learning format. We are here to report on student life and keep everyone reading stay up-to-date on SCCC news. 

Even though the tone of life has been serious and very centered around the outbreak, Crusader News will publish some articles that are light-toned, showing that even humor or opinion pieces are needed in times of trial. With this being said, we will not stop reporting on new information from the college or updates of the virus statewide. 

We have been the voice of the students since 1969, and we will keep that same energy in every article that is submitted, because even though the world seems like it is stopping or spinning out of control, it is in our best interest for you to be in the know. 

Please practice health and safety recommendations by the CDC and keep yourself updated with Crusader News through our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or website

Stay safe while we tell your stories. 

-Crusader News Staff