Easter will be ‘different’ this year


Courtesy of Fellowship Baptist Church

For many, Easter won’t be filled with the same, old family traditions. Even churches have taken their services online for the biggest holy holiday around the world.

Denise Perez, Reporter

Easter is a worldwide, religious holiday celebrated by many families, however it’s more than just wearing your best outfit, or biggest hats to church! Easter is also known as Pascha, and resurrection Sunday. Many will celebrate this weekend in the midst of “social isolation” during this coronavirus outbreak, breaking up many long-standing traditions.

Many individuals celebrate Easter for their own reasons but a very common motive is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter means something special to Joel Obando, a sophomore majoring in accounting, and his family. 

“It represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it’s a good thing,” Obando explains.

Easter Sunday is followed a week after palm Sunday, representing the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem, it is also the last week of lent. Next comes Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. While many families celebrate religiously, others see it as a time to bring the family together. 

“We always do a family gathering and celebrate together. Every year we go down to Wichita Falls, Texas  and make food and hide eggs around the block for the little kids, and help them hunt for them.” Sabrina Pacheco, a freshman nursing major, says.

Easter is celebrated in many ways and often includes an Easter bunny. The custom of hiding and hunting for eggs originated in Germany and had an origin of men hiding eggs, while the women and children hunted for the eggs. The women hunted for the eggs since women were the founders of the empty tomb. The shell of the eggs was a representation of Jesus’ empty tomb stone, when he rose on the third day. 

Because of the major significance Easter has in Christianity many churches have celebrations to go along with this holiday. This would include a special service or a nice lunch/meal, Obando says.  

The Coronavirus pandemic has limited that celebration with the social distancing and quarantine order. 

“We aren’t able to travel this year to my hometown, because of Covid-19,” Pacheco says. 

Many celebrations have been stopped this year because of this pandemic outbreak, including weddings, and birthdays. The pandemic has also put a stop to travel and a restriction on gatherings with any event that would include more than 10 people in an establishment. 

Many Christians will celebrate Easter this year via technology, where there will be special sermons through the television and online, and many other families will have a smaller gathering than usual. “

We’re going to hide eggs in our backyard for my niece and nephew this year.” Pacheco says.

Easter is celebrated in many ways and allows a joyful celebration with friends, and family whether that be physically, or through technology.