Campus Messengers attend See You at the Pole event

Logan Scruggs, Club Photographer

In celebration of “See You at the Pole” on Sept. 23, the Community Worship Center in Perryton, Texas threw a concert featuring Jordan Feliz. The socially distanced concert drew students from Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, including some from Seward County Community College’s Campus Messengers club.

As Jordan Feliz’s band played, people started singing and dancing along with the artist. Feliz plays Christian folk and soul music.
(Logan Scruggs)
Three SCCC students went to the concert and had fun. Those photographed are: Jessica Headrick, freshman pre-dentistry major, Macy Wertz, freshman agriculture business major, Sasha McHaffey, a sophomore accounting major and Logan Scruggs, sophomore. (Macy Wertz)
As the concert went on, Feliz sang three songs off of his newest album. The album is set to release in January 2021. Feliz said, “This was the first in-person concert that he has had in seven months since COVID-19 hit.” When the concert reached its end, he created a heart with his hands to symbolize that there was love felt by the crowd of people. (Logan Scruggs)