Fall in love with seasonal decor

Mary Ramirez, Reporter


eaves are turning orange and brown, and that means fall decorations are back in season!

Did you know that you can decorate with pretty much everything that is outside? Somethings you can use are probably things you wouldn’t ever think about using. There are pinecones, pine tree needles, leaves, flowers, and even some rocks. 

Now that you have a list, you’re probably thinking about everything you could do with those everyday, outside things. Whether it is from making a little rock garden or even making a homemade fall wreath. For example, to make the wreath you will need a frame, some of your outside supplies, and some floral tape to help everything stick in place.

You can use materials you find or you can purchase materials to make a wreath. (Mary Ramirez)

Then you will bundle up your flowers, leaves, and needles. The last thing you’ll do is use the floral tape to stick everything into place and there you go! You have a fall wreath to hang on your door.

What about buying stuff for a local store? You can also do this. For example, Walmart has artificial pumpkins, flowers, leaves, and even picture frames. These are also really fun and cute to work with. There are so many different things you can do with all of these! Whether you turn an old table into a little fall pumpkin patch or even make a little maze out of hay and wood! 

There are so many different ways and objects you can use for decorating. You just got to think outside of the box and have the time to piece it together. Decorating may be a lot of work but you will love it once you have a finished product.