Could TikTok be teaching us more than school?

Maria Coronado

School is where students become educated about the world. It is where many get a basic understanding of life skills, but how useful is that knowledge compared to the one learned on social media?

TikTok is one of the trendiest apps in the world. It is a social media site where users can share minute videos with people all around the world. TikTok videos can be about any subject or topic imaginable and because of its variety, it’s easy to learn a couple of things or two from the app.

@ovet_reynosoIf you didnt know how to change a tire, now you know 😅♬ Action Rock Background – Sunday Music

Breighanna Medina, freshman business major, states that TikTok has helped grow her business. On TikTok, she has learned how to promote her own business as well as learned tips on how to be successful. Beyond just business tips here are a few things that can be learned from this app.

  • A lot of how-to’s: Those can vary from how to change a tire to how to apply for a job.
  • News: Educating others on how to stay safe during the pandemic. Similarly informing others about news such as the BLM movement, the elections, climate change, etc. 
  • Tips: Tips on studying, applying for scholarships, interviewing for a job, etc.
  • Advice: Advice on purchasing a home, choosing a life career, etc

With this app as a resource, TikTok could help educate others beyond basic school education. A few students at Seward County Community College, viewers of TikTok can agree. 

The idea that TikTok can teach more than school is based on wishing school taught more helpful attributes than just the basic subjects. A few students at Seward County Community College and viewers of TikTok agree.

“TikTok gives us a way to learn about things we had no idea were happening in different parts of the world, things beyond what we learn in school,” Medina says. 

Anahi Navarette, pre-veterinary major, also agrees by stating there are things we learn in school that just aren’t necessary versus TikTok that “shows us how to live in the real world.”

However, education major Gael Cazares takes on a different perspective. Stating that although TikTok can be helpful it can also be bad because of its random content. He states that TikTok can become addicting and actually distract you from learning. 

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