Yisel Ramos

Liberal – Major: Visual Arts


Brianna Rich

Yisel Ramos is from Liberal. Ramos is a freshman and her major is visual arts.

What is your all-time favorite anime?

My favorite of all time is One Piece. One Piece came out in like 1997 or 1999 in between that time period and I mean it’s just so good. You can’t go wrong with One Piece. Everything about it from the characters, the character design as well as the character development is just so good. 

There is a great debate between online art and classical art. What do you consider art?

I think that is PRETENTIOUS. Everyone always says this and I think nobody ever gets this but art is subjective you know. It doesn’t matter what I think is real art, good art, bad art or not real art at all. Anything you make, anything that has a creative process is art, and a lot of people don’t really see it that way. I think that’s why people think there are no real careers in art anymore.

What is a quote you live by? 

I sing the Pokemon theme song. That’s one thing I always do when I’m sad. “You want to be the very best like no one ever was…” and I always add the part from the drums when I sing it. It’s the best! There is also a Frida Kahlo quote, “The leaving was joyful, and I hope to never return,” and it was my senior quote. 

Yisel Ramos is doing what she loves most, which is art. (Photo courtesy of Yisel Ramos)

What is your favorite class you have ever taken?

I liked AP art, my senior year. I feel like the teacher helped a lot and she was such a good person. Since it was AP art, it didn’t have a rigorous time you had to turn things in on. As long as you turned in your portfolio at the end of the year you were good. It was really relaxing. Probably the most relaxing class I have ever taken. 

What is your favorite comfort food?

Anything that is Mexican food is really good. I think Pozole is my favorite. I think it is because I really hated it when I was little and then I grew up and really liked it. It’s the food you really eat on Christmas, New Year and your birthday. So no matter what it’s something you eat that brings good memories. 

Who is one person you admire? 

My Dad. What’s there not to admire first and foremost. My Dad immigrated from Mexico to give my sister and I an education. He is a hardworking man that works in construction and the oil fields. He works ten to sixteen hours a day even in the really cold and hot weather. He also supports my dreams to become an artist. He’s just a really good dad.