Vintage Style in the Modern World

Ruby Thornton, Reporter

Ruby Thornton was pictured with her round glasses and a peasant shirt creating a 70s inspired look with a modern twist. (Photo courtesy of Ruby Thornton)

So it seems that throwback fashion is making a HUGE comeback! Just one look into my closet and plenty of other 20-year-old women and this claim is proven true.

Eyelet dresses, sweater vests, bell bottoms, platforms, gogo boots and so much more are key items to achieve the 60s/70s look. These fashion choices are just as popular now as they were in the good ole days. 

One may ask, “Where do you get vintage-style clothing nowadays?”

Well, I have found plenty of vintage items on a fairly new shopping site called Cider. After buying my own outfits from Cider and reading plenty of positive reviews on, I HIGHLY recommend checking Cider out for all of your vintage needs.

Elvin Reed, a writer from Social Gazette, said, Nothing truly grows old in the world of fashion. It is one of those dynamic fields that changes with times and seasons”. 

The feeling of nostalgia that everyone gets every once in a while is starting to come back