First Open Mic Night Wednesday

Laura Gillespie, Copy Editor

Spend an evening with students and staff as they share their personal identity and heritage at the humanities’ Open Mic Night, Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in room SU214 above the bookstore. 

All forms of expression are encouraged by staff and students by sharing their poetry, songs, stories and photographs. This month’s theme is “Stories of Identity” inspired by Hispanic Heritage Month. It can be anything from fiction to nonfiction that is about one’s life and identity.

“The goal is to get creative. Any student that has anything creative that they want to share on the theme ‘Story of Identity’ — especially something to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month but it can be any identity you want to explore. It can be fictional or something personal that is directly related to you,” said Lori Muntz, the organizer of Open Mic Night. 

There will be a sign-in sheet at the time of arrival for presenters, except for photographers. Photographers who would like to share their work should meet with Muntz before the event to go over the equipment needed to showcase their piece.

“You are gonna be nervous the first time you do it but after that, you are gonna be fine”. 

— Madelyn Garrison

There is no time limit for any presenter but typically each piece should take around five to seven minutes. All works presented must be considered original pieces. 

Madelyn Garrison, a sophomore who has shared pieces at Open Mic Night previously had this to say about the experience. 

“I would definitely do it again and the best advice I would give is to really know your topic and audience,” she said. “You are gonna be nervous the first time you do it but after that, you are gonna be fine”. 

Refreshments will be provided by the Seward County Community College Inclusivity and Civility Mover team. During this event, social distancing and masks will still be enforced. 

A live stream will be set up for anyone to watch on Humanities Facebook Page. If there are any technical difficulties there will be a recording of this event for those who want to watch it later. 

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Muntz at (620)-417-1456 or [email protected].