Can someone mess up french fries?

SCCC students share their odd combinations


Ana Brangioni

Jaxson Gregg, freshman from Fort Worth, Texas, and his friend Tristan Curless, freshman from Amarillo, Texas, shares a french fry.

To say that french fries are the ultimate comfort food is an understatement. Potatoes when fried, mashed, roasted or cooked in any other way, can make any meal better. Seward County Community College students share their odd combinations when it comes to eating the worldwide loved french fries.

Ahamadou ‘Aha’ Silah, an undecided major sophomore from the Bronx, New York, said that, “If it is crunchy and there is ketchup on the side, there is nothing to complain about.”

In fact, most students at SCCC answered the question, “How do you like your french fries?” in the same manner. It seemed that if they were well cooked and accompanied by simple condiments such as ketchup and mustard, the students are content. 

Seyun Park, sophomore from South Korea, tastes her odd french fries combination. She is a fan of french fries and ice cream, especially vanilla sundaes. (Ana Brangioni)

But that is no fun. That is when Seyun Park, a sophomore general studies major from Anyang-si Gyenonggi-do, South Korea, chipped in with some sweetness. 

“I love it with sweet stuff, especially ice cream. Sweet and sour sauces are good too. Can we go get some now?” Park said.

Though it might seem odd to those who really enjoy salty and simple combinations like Silah, Park’s idea is not that original. In fact, there are some restaurants that serve french fries with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Ana Cambraia, freshman from Belo Horizonte, Brazil eates her favorite french fries combination: hot fries and cold strawberry yogurt. (Ana Brangioni)

Ana Cambraia, a business major freshman from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, followed Park’s path, also preferring sweet combinations. 

This one might be surprising. Cambraia’s favorite is french fries with strawberry yogurt and it better be cold. 

Cambraia said, “The yogurt balances the salt in the french fries, and with it being cold, it balances the warmth of the potatoes.” 

It is all about balance, folks! Jaxson Gregg, a psychology major freshman from Fort Worth, Texas, shared that he likes switching up his condiments. 

“It has to be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I like it better with ranch, but I don’t mind some ketchup, mustard, mayo… or gravy!” Gregg said. 

Gravy, Gregg? It really seems like he doesn’t mind a lot. 

“Yes! poutine! It has french fries, cheese, and gravy on top. It is a Canadian dish,” said Gregg.

Ultimately, SCCC students and the world just love french fries with anything and everything one can imagine. How do you like your french fries?