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People talking at their tables, eating plates of diverse food at The Student Union. The food available included various rice, pasta, meats, and drinks.

SCCC celebrates Kansas Day

Nubia Rodriguez, Reporter
February 6, 2024

The state of Kansas celebrated its 163th birthday on Jan. 29. The celebration of Taste of Kansas took place at Seward County Community College, and from...

Homecoming brings activities, prizes

Homecoming brings activities, prizes

Brianna Rich, Photo Editor
February 6, 2023

Get ready for homecoming by participating in the activities that Seward County Community College are putting on. The activities have already started with...

The annual Taste of Kansas is back after the pandemic. Bringing a diverse mix of students and faculty to enjoy good food and have a good time.

Annual Taste of Kansas event returns

Daniel Rodriguez, Reporter
January 31, 2023

Originally starting in 2019, the Inclusivity and Civility committee brought the Taste of Kansas event on campus. However, the event was shut down due to...

Jaxson Gregg, freshman from Fort Worth, Texas, and his friend Tristan Curless, freshman from Amarillo, Texas, shares a french fry.

Can someone mess up french fries?

Ana Brangioni, Reporter
September 30, 2021

To say that french fries are the ultimate comfort food is an understatement. Potatoes when fried, mashed, roasted or cooked in any other way, can make...

Must have snacks for Super bowl LV

Must have snacks for Super bowl LV

Mary Ramirez, Reporter
February 5, 2021

Do you guys know what time of year it is? It is the time where friends and family get together on a Sunday to watch two National Football League, or NFL,...

Louies place is introducing new cuisine that includes calzones, pizza rolls, customizable pizza, salads, sandwiches and even coffee!

Louie’s Place introduces a new cuisine

Michelle Mattich, Managing Editor
March 7, 2019

Louie’s place, located at the Vo-Tech, is the go-to for pretty much any snack that you are craving. From chips to candy bars, there is something out...

On Jan. 29, Taste of Kansas was hosted in the SCCC library in order to celebrate Kansas birthday. There were over 50 dishes varying from over 10 countries.

Students taste the world at Kansas day celebration

Annette Meza, Cheyenne Miller, and Calen Moore
January 29, 2019

As you walked into the Hobble Academic building, the smell of food instantly hit. People smiled and followed the smell to the library where there were...

The best apps available that will get you your moneys worth.

Satisfy your hunger and your wallet

Michelle Mattich, Managing Editor
January 24, 2019

It's a given that everyone loves food. The wallet might say no but our stomachs say yes and it leaves a big decision to make. So why not save some money...

This certain dish is called a “gringa” The type of tortilla to use for this certain dish is a flour tortilla. The “gringa” consists of any type of meat of your choice and mozzarella, lettuce, tomato and avocado.

Taco Truck Tour

Crusader Staff
December 3, 2018

As college students, we know that fast food is the easiest way to fuel up on carbs and calories between classes, which is certainly necessary to have energy...

Traditional Thanksgiving means different foods for different people

Annette Meza and Michelle Mattich
November 14, 2018

Thanksgiving just isn't the same without food. Seward County Community College makes sure students and the community get their fair share every year....

You can do a lot with a bowl of ramen noodles.

Ramen Gourmet

Michelle Mattich, Reporter
November 2, 2017

Ramen is the staple food for college kids all around the globe, with its cheap price and decent flavor it's bound to fill your stomach with something when...

Freddy’s opens, chaos ensues

Freddy’s opens, chaos ensues

Alondra Trevizo, Reporter
September 20, 2017

Cars circled out onto the streets of Liberal as the doors to Freddy’s opened for the first time on Sept. 17. When I arrived at the restaurant, the...

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