Ramen Gourmet


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You can do a lot with a bowl of ramen noodles.

Michelle Mattich, Reporter

Ramen is the staple food for college kids all around the globe, with its cheap price and decent flavor it’s bound to fill your stomach with something when you’re running on $2 a week. Ramen comes in all flavors including chicken, beef, pork, and other flavors. Sometimes it can get boring to eat and they just don’t satisfy you anymore. I searched the web and found 3 recipes that one anyone can make to spice their Ramen up because let’s face it sometimes we need change.

 Mac & Cheese Ramen

Comfort food in your own dorm.


  • 1 package of ramen noodles (any flavor you prefer, I used chicken)
  • Water (1-2 cups to cook the ramen)
  • American cheese (3 to 4 slices)
  • Parmesan cheese (sprinkle full, I used fresh cheese)
  • Shredded assortment cheese (a handful, I used fiesta blend)


  1. Use the method that best suits you to cook the ramen. Cook until tender. Usually 3 or 4 minutes. (I used the microwave, but using a stove is an option)
  2. Do not drain all the water, leave about 5 spoonfuls of water in the bowl
  3. Add all the cheese and stir until thick enough. (I added 1 minute and 30 seconds more of microwave time to really melt all the cheese.

This recipe was my favorite to make and it was super easy. By the end I didn’t feel like I was eating ramen rather actual Mac and cheese because that’s exactly what it tasted like. Out of the 3 this one is my favorite. It’s fast and taste just like home.



Jailbreak Ramen

This ramen recipe is among the most popular it is even allegedly used by Paris Hilton who used this recipe when she was serving jail time.


  • 1 package or chicken or beef flavor ramen
  • 1 bag of BBQ chips
  • 1 can or potted beef or chicken- drained (I used white chicken breast)
  • Hot sauce- to taste


  1. Use desired method to cook ramen, then drain the ramen.
  2. Crunch up the bag of chips, then open the bag
  3. Pour ramen, seasoning pack, chicken/ beef and hot sauce in bag.
  4. Holding the bag closed, shake and mix up the contents.
  5. Tear bag open along the seams and eat from the bag.

The jailbreak ramen has some very interesting flavors to it. It was crunchy and flavorful. I also thought it was convenient that you eat it straight out of the bag so you don’t really have to have a plate. I do have a warning, seal the bag completely before you shake it or food particles will go everywhere. If you’re in a hurry this one is a safe bet and you don’t even need a plate!



Ramen Spam Noodles

This recipe was also popular. It was very interesting to make because I felt like I wasn’t even making ramen, It felt more like making spaghetti


  • 2 packages of ramen
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 can of spam
  • ½ cup of green peas
  • ½ cup of green onions (sliced) (I didn’t use the onions)
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil (I substituted for olive oil, but you can use any oil you would like)
  • *you can cook the noodles and the peas at the same time.


  1. Use the desired method to cook your ramen and then drain the water.
  2. Cube the spam
  3. In a skillet lightly brown the spam in the oil (if you don’t have access to a stove it’s okay.)
  4. Add garlic powder and dry seasoning to the spam then mix in the noodles and the peas and enjoy.

This recipe was probably the one that took the longest to make in that I had to heat up the spam and cube it so if you’re in a rush I wouldn’t have this as a first option. The flavors were quite interesting but overall this one is my least favorite.