Students make plans for fall break

Kylie Regier, Reporter

Fall break is approaching fast here at Seward County Community College. Fall break is from Oct. 11 through the 12. Students at SCCC all have different plans but most will spend their break with family, relaxing and enjoying the time off from school. 

“I’m most excited for the food and to spend time with my family,” Salina Byrd, an English Education major from Booker, Texas said. 

Amaris Villarreal, a Nursing major from Tyrone, Oklahoma says “I have no big plans but to spend time with my family and friends and maybe go on a day trip just to have fun.” 

Larissa Amador, an Accounting major from Hooker, Oklahoma, is most excited about spending more time with her family. 

Students said fall break is a time to catch up on sleep, read a book, have a movie marathon with friends or family, enjoy the time off and enjoy not having to stress about homework. 

“I am most excited about getting a break from all my school work,” Villarreal said. 

Byrd says “I’ll probably play card games with my family”

Amador is not going anywhere but hopes to catch up on sleep and watch movies all day. 

Classes will resume like normal on Oct. 13.