Let’s save some money

Victoria Martins, Reporter

Everyone is aware of how expensive college can get and if you chose to come to a community college before going to a four-year university because it is more affordable, you are on the right track. Still paying for tuition, fees, books and dorms are not the only thing college students need to worry about, everyone has a life out of college, right?

We all know college students’ budgets can get tight and because of that, I put together a list of student discounts that will help you save money while in school and all you will need is a valid school email address or proof of enrollment. 

1If you are the kind of person who can’t function without music then Apple Music should be your go-to. The normal price is $9.99 and that doesn’t sound like fun to pay while also trying to pay for school too. So if you are a student and have a valid email address, you can get Apple Music for just $4.99 and the first 3-months are free. Apple also offers Apple TV Plus, which is normally $5 a month but if you subscribe to Apple Music as a student, you will get Apple TV Plus for free. 

2It’s understandable that not everyone is an Apple Music fan, another choice is Amazon Music Unlimited and in this case, it is way more affordable. If you have an Amazon Prime student membership [more information below] you can get Amazon Music for $0.99. Amazon Music Unlimited is the cheapest music streaming service anywhere.

3For Youtube you have two options, you can pay $12 a month for YouTube videos to be ad-free and then have the option to download videos for offline viewing and then have unlimited access to YouTube Music. Another Youtube deal is paying  $5 a month for only unlimited access to YouTube Music. The good thing about both of these options is that it allows for a free one-month trial.

4For the people that like Spotify better than any other music app, Spotify offers an ad-free plan that includes Showtime and Hulu for only $5 a month after a one-month free trial. Non-students pay a total of $27 for the three options. I guess being a college student has its advantages, right?

5If you love watching movies, documentaries and TV shows like most students do [usually even when they are in class] but don’t need Spotify and Showtime, you can get Hulu for $2 a month [standard plan]. The standard plan is not ad-free but come on, $2 a month?

6 If you enjoy exercising but don’t know where to start, you can take Peloton classes for only $7 a month after a 30-day free trial. Peloton offers classes like yoga, running, cycling and more. It is always great to stay activite, especially if you live in the dorms.

7 You probably already knew about this one because most teachers let the students know that Office 365 education is free for students. You will have access to online versions of Excel, PowerPoint, Word and other Office apps.

8 Adobe Creative Cloud If you are a student you can get all Adobe products for 60% off their regular price. So, if you have your student email you can enjoy Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, Illustrator and others for only $20 a month. 

9 With an Amazon Prime Student membership, you get all the benefits of a Prime subscription for an away better price. After a 6-month free period, you would only pay $59 a year for services like Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Photos and the free one and two-day shipping.

10 Apple gives discounts on Macs and iPads every year for students. Usually, they give $200 off iPads or Macs and free headphones. At the start of the school year when you bought an iPad or Mac on education pricing you also got free Apple Airpods. 

11 After all this information on discounts and deals for students, there is nothing better than finding a way to manage your money. You Need a Budget offers tools to help you budget and it is free for the first year. For this app, you will need to submit physical proof of enrollment in order to get the discount.

If you are thinking that student discounts are only online, you are wrong. Students have a variety of discounts at certain restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, museums, stores and more. Don’t be afraid to ask. If you do like to shop online, it is recommended to download the apps like UNiDAYS, StudentRate and ID.me, these sites give access to discounts on technology, food, clothing and a lot more, all you need is a current school email address.