College students, instructors have special requests for Santa


Brianna Rich

No one is ever too old to write a letter to Santa. What’s your Christmas wish?

Ruby Thornton, Reporter

It’s the most wonderfully chaotic time of the year. While little kids are writing THE letter, college students and instructors have been preparing for finals. The burning question, however, is do big people still write letters to Santa? The answer is… YES! Here are some of the letters collected from SCCC students and instructors who are anxiously awaiting Christmas break and Santa’s arrival:

Name: Brianna Rich

From: Elkhart

Age: 19

Dear Santa, 

For Christmas, I would like to have all my college expenses paid for so I won’t have any debt. Then, I would like a new camera to update my equipment. I would also like a new puppy of my own because puppies are cute. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

-Brianna Rich

Name: Faith Clifton

From: Liberal

Age: 18

Dear Santa, 

My name is Faith Clifton and I am 18 years old. I know that you have a busy year leading up to Christmas, but I would like it if you would consider my Christmas list too. For Christmas, I would like a new fuzzy jacket and quality time with my family. I know I didn’t ask for much as giving back to others during the holiday season is more important to me than receiving a lot of gifts. I hope you are able to rest well after all the hard work you will be putting into Christmas.


Faith Clifton

Name: Darin Workman

From: Liberal

Age: Young

Dear Santa,

Please bring me students that turn in their homework and laugh at my jokes.

-Darin Workman

Name: Anonymous

From: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Dear Santa, 

I would like for you to send me a pet walrus. Not just any pet walrus though, I want a pet walrus that talks and is addicted to tea and caffeine. I want a walrus I can throw off cliffs for fun and one that won’t try to kill me with its laserbeam eyeballs. I want a walrus that won’t punch me when I say mean things to it or when I talk back to it. I want the walrus to be an artist too so it can draw me funny comics. I want the walrus to be able to cook me dinner like hamburger soup, it doesn’t have to do the dishes though. I want the walrus to read me stories before bed too. I want the walrus to marry me too (don’t judge me, it’s 2021). So make the walrus a she while you’re at it, thanks. That’s about it, I can’t really ask for anything else.

Anonymous Student

P.S. I bet you won’t actually put this in your article.

Name: Magda Silva

From: El Paso, Texas

Age: old enough to be nice but chooses to be naughty

Dear Santa,

This year I have been mostly nice, but don’t talk to my students- they will lie and tell you that I have been mean! I have helped the elderly (Mr. Workman) by reading to him. I have spent time with my besties from AA POD – Sue Sprenkle, Deedee Flax, Kellijo and Hiran. This year all I ask for is new jokes to tell in class, for my students to study for their classes and if it’s not too much, for students to laugh at Darin Workman. I mean his jokes! I want the students to laugh at his jokes! (I need to be nice to the elderly!) Overall, I have all I need and then some. I just want one more wish… may everyone get what they deserve.

Thank you,


Name: Kylie Regier

From: Liberal

Age: 18

Dear Santa, 

I have been really good this year and I’m writing to ask for a few things:

1.Money! I’m a broke college student.

2. To pass my finals.

3. A little furry cow with a big purple bow.

4. Money once again.

I hope you have safe travels this season and don’t get lost!

Kylie Regier

Dear Santa, 

Please get these SCCC students and instructors their wishes right away (I know the talking female walrus with laser beam eyes might be a little tough, but work your magic!)


Crusader News Team