Creative writers hit campus with competition, clubs


Laura Gillespie

SCribbles members Melvin Le, Josh Swanson and Shandon Classen take part in a club favorite game “Tell Tale”. This game involves coming up with a story based on the three cards one draws. Le says “The game is a great way to showcase your creativity”.

Laura Gillespie, Copy Editor

Artists have an opportunity this week to share their stories of “justice” at the upcoming Open Mic Night on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in SU214 (above the bookstore). Students and faculty will showcase their personal work following the theme of “justice.” 

There are also upcoming opportunities for creative writers to become published at Seward County Community College. Both the Telolith and the Kansas Author Club annual creative writing competitions offer that opportunity to writers. The Telolith is SCCC’s annual literary arts magazine that focuses on student work. 

The deadline for the creative writing portion of the Telolith is Feb. 4. For more information about it, contact Lori Muntz. The Telolith also offers the opportunity for photographers and other artists to submit their work. To learn more about these requirements, contact Sue Sprenkle for photography and Dustin Farmer for art submissions. 

The Kansas Author Club will host a creative writing competition that opens on April 1 for all students. Physical forms are available through Muntz in room H105.   

If one is interested in just sharing their creative writing piece and wants feedback – SCCC also offers a creative writing club. SCribblers meets every month at 3:45 p.m. in H111.  To learn more contact Muntz or Melvin Le.