Lady Saints split with Barton

The Lady Saints played a double header against Barton Community College. They won game one and lost game two. Their record is now 10-6 for the season.

The final score for the first game was 6-0 with the Lady Saints leading the whole time. Gabrielle Sanchez hit a single that resulted with a score from Beth Denney. Ashley Low also hit a single which also resulted with a score from Shyanna Stopp. Tatum Winters got three more runs in the fifth inning with her single hit. Ireland Caro pitched for the entire game, and she gave up zero runs on five hits.

The final score for the second game was 3-2. Gabrielle Sanchez gave the Lady Saints a 1-0 lead after the second inning with a solo home run. The second game had an extra inning and Macy Spearman went to tie the game as she reached second base but Barton closed the game and won.

The Lady Saints next game is Mar. 5 at Dodge City. They will be playing a double header; the first game starts at noon and the second game starts at 2 p.m.