Review: Batman becomes a thriller movie

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Reece Hay, Reporter

Batman has made another appearance in the Southgate Cinema 6 theater on Kansas Ave. This time around the movie is set in Gotham City where Batman has to use the clues left by a sadistic killer to uncover corruption. The killer is targeting a little close to home and this causes him to have to build new relationships and lose others to unveil the culprit.

The movie was very well put together and had a ton of thought put into it. This movie will keep you on your toes. Scare you, indulge you and excite you with the many action scenes. The movie really set the scene for Batman as it was so dark and gritty. I could feel the emotions that the characters were feeling and how horrific the trials were. 

Matt Reeves took on the job of directing the new Batman movie. Reeves knows how to put films into a point of view aspect. (Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Matt Reeves has directed yet another outstanding Batman movie. Reeves knows how to put films into a point of view aspect. Throughout the movie, there are many times when you as the audience are put into the character’s shoes. This helps you connect to how the world perceives that character or how they feel. This helps establish the view of Gotham and the character as Batman and his original self Bruce Wayne. 

Batman has many parts where he helped work as a detective on the case. We were put into the point of view of Batman during one of the crime scenes. We see the way the police officers act towards him, they see him as a problem or menace. 

I really enjoyed the darkness, thriller touch of the movie, it was unexpected and creative. The story is very well thought out and meticulously planned and crafted. The Riddler is a tragic, understandable, smart and cunning villain — I had no problems with him. The action is expertly choreographed, very well shot and directed.

Although the movie was well put together, I did not in fact like the amount of time the movie was. The movie was a riveting two hours and 55 minutes. It makes it hard for people to stay engaged when a movie is over two hours. 

The pacing of the movie also did have an effect on how long the movie had to take though. Because it was so long it caused great pacing for the movie and storyline.  There was a lot of action mixed with slower detective scenes which stays true to what Batman originally was in the comics. 

I would give this movie a five-star rating! If you have free time on your hands or want an activity to do over the weekend, I highly recommend attending this movie. It’s a very enjoyable experience for fans of the character and will live up to your expectations. It spends a lot of time highlighting his character and keeps you in suspense throughout the entire movie. 

For viewers not as big of fans, I wouldn’t recommend this movie due to the length of the movie and somewhat complicated plot.