Students are planning spring break


Crusader staff

Some SCCC students are spending time in the mountains and others are going home to see family.

Ashanti Thompson, Reporter

For Seward County Community College, spring break vacation is finally here. Now is the time to catch up on studies, find a new hobby or honestly just relax and be as lazy as desired. Either way, a ton of students are celebrating in a plethora of different ways.

Some people desire to go on vacation, maybe to the mountains or the nice and warm sunny beach but not Liberal resident Gunner Giest. He is actively running towards the snow in Red River, New Mexico, and has days worth of skiing activities planned.

“Going crazy and doing some flips is what I’m looking forward to,” Giest says.

He wants to take this time off and spend it with friends and family, something time rarely permits now. Skiing down the black diamond with his best friend will be the highlight of his spring break. 

Now some people don’t have the option of going home. Such as Paris Brienesse, from Stockholm, Sweden, who plans on spending her week right here in Liberal. 

“I can spend time with friends and be able to focus on my studies and sports as well,” Brienesse says. 

She is excited to take a break from her hectic schedule and finally have time to focus on herself and have some fun. 

Another choosing to spend their time in Liberal is Audra Langley, from Rolla. Her spring break consists of working at her part-time job and having some time to herself. 

“School has been stressful on top of working a part-time job, which ranges from 20-30 hours a week,” Langley says.

With this vacation from school, she will finally be able to have some personal time not occupied by school and studying. She is also excited to go home for two days and see her brother, who is also coming back from college. 

Some people are even bringing friends home with them such as Ireland Caro. She is a sophomore who lives in the small town of Abernathy, Texas. Caro is planning to bring multiple friends home with her to meet her family. Ireland is excited to be able to show them her world and finally introduce all of them to her family. One of the things she is most excited about is her mother’s cooking. 

Being on the softball team does however mean she has some responsibilities during the break to keep in shape but that is nothing she can’t handle Caro says. 

Ultimately, spring break comes in all shapes and sizes here at the SCCC.