Yancie Franklin

Campo, Colorado – Major: Pre-Nursing


Brianna Rich

Pre-Nursing major, Yancie Franklin is a freshman from Campo, Colorado. During her time here at Seward County Community College, she has been on the cheerleading squad.

When did you start cheerleading? 

I started to cheer my freshman year of high school. I cheered for two years there and then tried out for the team here and I made it. Then I tore my knee after that and had surgery. I was kind of on the team but like I couldn’t do a whole lot. So it’s been like a half cheer year for me. 

Besides graduating, what is your number one goal for your remaining time at school?

I actually only have about two more weeks here. I’m moving out on the ninth and I won’t be graduating with an associate’s degree. I’m just getting my stuff for nursing school so my plan was never to do an associate’s. I’m just going for a bachelor’s degree. I was just kind of here to get some discounted classes, I guess, cheaper than university.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Just go for your dreams no matter what it takes, how long it takes or what you have to do. Just shoot for the stars.

Sitting in the library, Franklin reads a book to learn more about nursing. Franklin studies in her free time so she can get good grades and pass nursing school. (Brianna Rich )

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you choose to be? Why?

Maybe I’d be a lion because like you go after what you want. You just go after what you want and you fight for it. 

What is one thing you wished people would ask you about? 

A simple how has your day been, or how’s your week going is always nice.

What song, album, or artist could you listen to on repeat? Why? 

Morgan Wallen or Zach Bryan because their music is meaningful. It’s not just like a song to be a song, they put thoughts and feelings behind it. 

What movie do you think everyone should watch? Why?

“The Sandlot” has always been my go-to. Just because it’s fun. I mean, baseball, a bunch of kids playing around. Just kinda like a childhood thing and it’s funny. 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why?

Probably to like go through time and skip the next six years of my education so that I could just be a nurse practitioner already.