Are You Up For The Challenge?

Are you up for the Wellness Center’s challenge?


With a new graphic added recently this week, the Wellness Center walls receive a new look. In the future, Hill plans for many new cosmetic improvements like this.

How important is exercise really to everyday health? This age-old question is in the minds of many young or old. According to Athletic Trainer and Director of fitness and training Liz Hill, a little movement beyond the everyday actions is all someone needs to stay in good health. This is why Seward County Community College takes great measures in the outreach it has within the Wellness Center.

“Movement you enjoy is important every day.”, states Hill. 

The Wellness Center is a gym located in the Student Activities center to the left of the cafeteria. The wellness center is free for students and is open to the entire community. People of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels can enjoy the use of this facility. 

In the back is your free-weights section, equipped with not only dumbbells but also kettle bells and weighted balls. To assist in your lift, there are also multiple benches that can be adjusted in a plethora of ways. (Ashanti Thompson)

“It’s a really good place to socialize as well, and I have made friends there too,” Wellness Center member and nursing major Dracy Morales states. 

As far as equipment, the Wellness Center offers a diverse array of items for strength training, cardio, and mobility. The back includes two smith machines, a bench press, free weights, and more. The middle is filled with strength training machines such as leg extensions or lat pull-downs, and in the front is where one will find cardio machines. Surrounding all this is a two-lane walking track if students prefer cardio to be grounded. 



Across from the Wellness Center facility is a 75-foot pool equipped with temperature control and 2 lifeguards on duty at all times. On the side, there are also flippers, weights, and boards for those who need assistance in swimming. (Ashanti Thompson)

The Wellness Center also includes a six-lane, 75-foot deep, temperature-controlled swimming pool. This facility offers beginning swimming, scuba diving, and water aerobics classes. 

With two lifeguards on the tower at all times and workers on the desk, safety is a big priority as Danielle Sanchez, wellness desk and floor manager has stressed. Beyond physical safety, there is also cleaning equipment spread all across the wellness center to keep the equipment sanitary among users.    

The Wellness Center offers a place for people of all levels and ages to be comfortable working out. A large majority of the Wellness Center patrons include our senior citizens, employees, and students. With low prices and many upgrades from cosmetics to new equipment, the Wellness Center is a “bang for your buck” as Hill said. In fact, a new cosmetic upgrade recently hit the center with a “saints strong” graphic on the back of the Wellness Center. 

Also in the free weights section, are many stretching aids. From mats and yoga balls to lifted boxes and elastic bands, all are important to exercise.

“It’s a saints community, so having that family atmosphere is what’s different from other gyms in the community, ” stated Sanchez. 

Ultimately, the gym as a whole can be a scary place to attend. To reach out to their community even further, the Wellness Center offers monthly challenges. Such as walk challenges and an upcoming triathlon to begin in October. These challenges are open to the whole community and include prizes that can be viewed right outside the facility’s entrance. 

In the front of the Wellness Center is the cardio section, including treadmills, bicycles, and multiple televisions above to keep you entertained during your workout.

Hill wants the community to know, “The Wellness Center may not have everything you want, but it does have everything you need.”