Students Find a New Study Lounge

With finals underway, many are looking for good hideaways to study. Cozy Corner is a recently opened coffee and drink shop that is all the buzz lately, but will it become the new study lounge or will it be crushed by the corporations that surround it?


Ashanti Thompson

Tucked away on the side of Kansas Ave is a locally owned coffee shop with a sit-in service. Outside of Cozy Corner, many Christmas decorations fill the street and light up the entrance to this shop.

Recently opened in town is a new coffee and drink shop on the corner of S. Kansas Ave and E 2nd St. As the name implies, Cozy Corner sells more than just coffee. They also offer smoothies, tea, boba, floats, and much more. With various flavors, there are plenty of options for newcomers to try. 

The shop is open Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 11 pm with exceptions Friday and Saturday as closing hours are extended to 12 AM. This time extension is perfect for students who need extra time to study.  

In the darkness of Cozy Corner, student and softball player Lana Pigeon ordered some coffee with her friends and got right to studying Psychology. With two more days of finals left, Lana used this Monday night to get ahead in her studies.

With Starbucks also being opened recently many might wonder about the attention Cozy Corner actually receives. Starbucks is a big-name corporation, but can cozy corners authentic, family-feeling shop compete? 

Gunnar Giest, a local baseball player and student at SCCC thinks so as he stated, “Yes, I know the guy personally and they are very financially stable and know how to manage a business.” 

Starbucks is not it’s only competitor however, Scooters may also give Cozy Corners a run for its money. Beyond business other factors influence the consumption Cozy Corners will receive. 

One big influence in people’s choices tends to be the price. Compared to Starbucks’ grande caramel macchiato at $4.75 without tax, Cozy Corner charges $5.00 flat. The prices are very similar to each other, but does Cozy Corner offer something Starbucks can’t? Softball player and student here at SCCC seems to believe so. 

“This is a much more sit down type of place and Starbucks is known for its very fast drive thru. It has darker lighting and darker colors which gives it a more cozy vibe whereas Starbucks is very bright, crowded and noisy,” stated Paris Brienesse

When talking to multiple students about Cozy Corner, all of whom are cramming for finals, many produced the same input as each other. Cozy Corner is a peaceful place that produces a good coffee for you to go and sit down. 

Monday night, students flock to Cozy Corner to finish up their studying including students Zane Eyler, Gunnar Giest and Paris Brienesse. When interviewed about the shop Brienesse stated this, “ This is a very good place to sit down for some peace and quiet without the bustling noise from outside and other customers.”

This is not a stop and go shop however. If you want something quick and ready to go, Cozy Corner is not the place for you. This coffee and drink shop is an opportunity for a different studying environment for students, to escape away from a noisy home or just a place to grab a drink and relax.