Free tutoring offered to students

Student services at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School include the library, where students can find books and computers to work on their homework and the new math lab, located inside of the library, where students can get help with any math class or just a few resources for students to use. Another resource for students at SCCC/ATS is the Student Success Center. The center has computers, space where students can do their homework and tutors. Amber Bond is a student at SCCC/ATS who uses the Student Success Center daily. “My tutor has simplified the information, and it has helped me move forward with the subject. I was glad to find out about the service on campus,” Bond said. All of the tutors at the Student Success Center are students. In order to help on a certain subject the tutor must have the course completed. Appointments can be set up with the tutors, and the tutors schedule can be found on a board in the Student Success Center. Elena Devora a freshman at SCCC/ATS is a tutor at the Student Success Center. “It’s a real good job, I enjoy it, I have time to study and do my homework at the same time,” said Devora. “I feel accomplished and happy that I can help someone,” Devora said about helping students at the Student Success Center. Hector Saenz is also tutor at the Student Success Center. “Its great working here, I feel really good after helping someone,” Saenz said. For more information about the Student Success Center, students can go to the Student Success Center or contact Frances Brown at her office, A132.­­­