Hatchard plays with determined attitude


Rebekah Hatchard went from living in South Australia and 30 minutes away from the beach, to playing college basketball in small town Liberal, Kansas. Although she is miles way from her parents and sisters, Hatchard sees her move to Seward as very positive. “I thought this was the best possible program for me to go to,” Hatchard said in regards to why she picked Seward County Community College. At the time Hatchard was still deciding on a college, women’s basketball coach Toby Wynn informed her that with there not being many players on the team, it was possible for her to have more playing time. “That’s why I chose Liberal,” she said. Hatchard also shared that her home city is far bigger than Liberal and there were more things to do, but she enjoys the fact that she moved to a small community where “everybody knows everybody,” and the team receives a lot of support from fans compared to other teams. Hatchard also said that she does feel a bit homesick at times and that she misses her three younger sisters, who, along with Hatchard, are all two years apart in age. But the support from her family, ­­­especially from her dad, encouraged her to pursue a free education, unlike the one that awaited her at home, should she have chosen to attend university there. The possibility of attending a university back home is still an option, but Hatchard is still unsure of what she wants to do in the future or what career path she wants to take. One thing that is for sure is that Hatchard wants to continue playing ball. “It’s really fun,” Hatchard said about the Lady Saints’ season so far, “like it’s really fun when you just keep winning.” Compared to the last season, Hatchard explains that there isn’t as much tension among the team and there is great team chemistry that has replaced that. The team has also made a change to step up their game now that Tamara Seda is out due to a knee injury, and it seems to be working. The Lady Saints have not lost the momentum and every player has been putting forth a little extra effort on the court, especially when it comes to rebounds. As for her personal growth on and off the court, Hatchard says she has matured a lot. “I’ve had to take on a lot more responsibility, like living away from home.” Hatchard also says that her time management skills have also improved and it has made her a better student. “­­­­I don’t do failing,” Hatchard said. “I don’t like to fail.” Her determined attitude as a student ­­­follows her to the court as well. In Wednesday night’s game against the Garden City Broncbusters, Hatchard scored 14 points, made five rebounds and had five assists. Off the court, Hatchard’s teammates enjoy her company. Teammate and friend Axelle Bernard shared that Hatchard is “always happy,” and is always the first to laugh. Bernard described her teammate as honest and as a good listener that people can go to for advice. “I really appreciate that about her,” Bernard said. Another one of Hatchard’s teammates, Daniela Galindo, said, “She is a good leader with a good heart and mind.” According to Galindo, Hatchard is the type of positive person that everyone like to be around on and off the court. “I am so happy to call her my friend, teammate and classmate. We adore our Australian.” Off the court, one of Hatchard’s hobbies is singing, and according to Bernard, “She actually has a good voice.” ­­