Living with an open heart and mind


Doing more of what makes her happy and living with an open heart and mind is what Madison Nikole Martinez is all about. That’s a good way to live, and as much as people don’t like to talk about it, “people don’t know if their last day is today,” Martinez said. She finds it good to take time out of her day and enjoy the little things, to not stress out so much about the future, that it’s important to change the way we handle stress, school and life. Martinez is currently a freshman at Seward County Community College and is an undecided major. She knows the kind of work and the field she wants to go into, which is helping others, possibly in social work, or as a counselor. ­­­­­­­­­ Reading the book “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers made Martinez want to make this decision. The book is about a woman who is sold into slavery as a child, and the only thing that keeps her going is the hatred that she harbors. “And what she hates the most is men who use her, leaving her empty and dead inside,” according to the author. The woman is later married and despite the bitterness she exhibits, her husband chooses to defy her resistance. The woman’s healing comes later. This book about God’s unconditional and all-consuming love is what pushed Martinez even more towards her decision of wanting to help people. Another one of Martinez’s books that she enjoys is “Jesus Is” by Judah Smith. “It’s about how we spend most of our time focused on our sin and changing others, but God loves me how I am,” Martinez said. Martinez would go as far as saying that she is a nondenominational believer. She believes that she is where God wants her to be. Prayer is something that Martinez does daily, in every situation. “One time at church camp, one of the girls was setting her own personal goals and her goal was to pray more and that’s crazy because I pray all the time. I’m in the car and I catch myself praying, just all the time,” Martinez said. Jennifer Martinez, Madison’s mother, said, “She has the biggest heart; she loves everyone without judgments. She has always been a trendsetter since she was little, always putting others before herself, seeing the good in everyone.” Being the trendsetter, Madison likes to express herself through her choice of clothing and choice of hairstyles. She likes to transfer different genres of music and style into outfits. Madison doesn’t go into a store knowing what she’s going to buy, but she will go straight to the sales racks and she will splurge on shoes. “Sometimes you just need expensive shoes… and lip gloss,” Madison said. According to Madison, if you wear it and you’re confident, be you. People will judge you positively or negatively, so go for it! She just thinks that people should dress like they want to dress, and they should be who they want to be. For example, Madison’s hair: She enjoys doing different styles and colors. If she likes what she sees, she will do it. Over the course of the last year, Madison shaved one side of her head, and she said the comments she received were hilarious, especially from the older generations who don’t understand it and question her. Tasha Gooden, student at SCCC/ATS said, “She has the spunkiest style, and she can rock any hair color, and she’s always smiling; I never see her upset.” Another student at SCCC/ATS, Rosie Chavez, said, “Her hair is unique; plus, she’s the sweetest person ever.” Madison loves to read and listen to music. She also listens to plenty of podcasts, which she actually has to make time for. The podcast she likes to listen to most is by Judah Smith, the author of the book “Jesus Is.”