Stress – How you can find relief


Yesenia Montanez, Reporter

 Instead of a College or University being named by its location or after a person, they should all agree to adopt one title: Stress University.

Always remember from stress you go to success! So it’s all worth the tears, sleepless nights and those few pounds you might have gained from freshman year. Don’t worry everyone goes through it. You will find stress wherever you go.

Everyone has those few doubtful questions in their  heads.

“What if I don’t pass the class?”, “What if my major changes?” and “ What if nothing goes how I want it to?”. It is all going to be okay. Stress takes over your mind, making it go crazy. I also have thoughts like those.

The way I manage my stress is by

  • Making a list of goals I have to accomplish

Whether it’s for the day, week, month or semester, I will accomplish them. It makes me feel way less overwhelmed. If you write it down you have what you need to do, but thinking about it makes it feel like it’s a lot to do. Even if it’s two or three things being, stressed makes it feel like it is twenty things to do.

  • Running

 I like to run when the sun is going down. I feel peaceful and at ease with everything. It is a great opportunity to collect my thoughts and my problems. In general, being in nature calms me down.

  • Music

 I can hear it all day. I Basically love music, no argument against that. It calms me down with everything.

 These are some of the things I do to get rid of stress. They might and might not be in your interest, so I am going to give you some other few ways that Mariah Cline, SCCC Director of Counseling and Advising, gave me.

1. Exercise

Go out for a run with your friends or yourself with some music. Hit the gym with some pumping music. Go for a swim! If you engage in some type of physical activity, it can help stable the stress hormones. Which will have you feeling more relaxed and calm. The college offers the gym and swimming pool to the public and its students. So with your college ID you can get in for free! So during the winter or any other time when the public pool is closed, you can go to the college pool for those of you that love to swim.

2. Create a schedule

Same thing as making a to-do list. Getting your priorities first out of the way! Having a planner is a great way to do that. Write down any important homework or projects you have to do. Also any important event you have going on in your life. It is an easy way to keep yourself on track, so you won’t forget anything and become more stressed.

3. Get some sleep

 Sleep, everyone loves sleep!! If you know you have class early in the morning, go to bed at a good time. No one wants to wake up late and in a rush. It will improve your stress level and your performance in school!!

4. Eat brain foods

Some foods can help you throughout the day with natural energy, giving your morning a good start. What you put you in your body will show it on the outside. So put in good and you will get good out.

5. Put in some down time

Call up your friends! Have a guys/girls night out. Talk to them about it. Sometimes talking about it will get it off your chest. Feeling less overwhelmed and more understood because you are not alone, everyone goes through it.

6. Music

It can release positive vibes! Helping your stress level go down and your relaxation level go up. So if you are feeling cluttered or tired put in some earphones and blast your favorite music. It will brighten up the mood and get you focused on your assignments right away. Mariah suggest that this is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress.

7. Happy place

Visual yourself in a happy place! Find somewhere calming. Some people do meditation and yoga. Nature helps calm the body and mind. Mariah also recommends finding a happy place to nullify all the stress through our bodies.

8. And lastly, breathe

Take a few deep breaths, let it out! Stretch and walk it out. Take some alone time for you to collect your thoughts and pray if you want to. Think positive, put in your all. What you put in, you will get out. You got this!

These are a few ideas of managing your stress, but we all have some or our own ways. You can always go visit the counselor here on the campus, I heard she is pretty great. You can always go to your counselor and ask for help, but you can also use these recommend ways to reduce the stress you have. Always remember you got this! Without stress there isn’t any success. Good luck on your journey, you will do great!