Telolith 2016 highlights student art and writing

printed in full color for the first time


Angelica Alfaro, Reporter

The Telolith is a contemporary literature book that contains the work of local students. Over each school year, students submit pieces of either written or artistic work to be compiled into a printed edition. The book traditionally comes out in the spring of every year, so all work must be submitted to an adviser before the end of March.

Scan-3--web-3 Starting in the 2016 edition of the Telolith, other students besides those enrolled at SCCC could submit work, such as attendees of Liberal High School. There was also a scholarship contest for students who submitted their poetry work. Colored corner markings are placed over pieces that either won an award or got an honorable mention.

Nathan Dowell was a senior at Liberal High when he submitted his work to compete in the scholarship contest. His piece of poetry in Telolith 2016 is titled Ode on a Bowl of Olive Garden Soup.

Dowell said, “This was my third time getting second place in the scholarship category.”

A big highlight of the book this year is that it is the first time it has been published in full color. The first book came out in the spring of 1974 and since then has always been in black and white. Now we can enjoy the colors of each piece as they are intended to be seen.



Bill McGlothing, English instructor, and Dustin Farmer, Art instructor, were the editors for Telolith 2016. McGlothing mentioned that he is proud of the books because they have won several awards but still wished it had been released when intended.

“I really hope to get the book on track and have it out by Spring of 2017,” McGlothing said.

If you have yet to pick up a copy of the Telolith 2016, they will be located around campus and in the library for free.