Get class credit for camping and backpacking


Andrea Baca, Reporter


This fall the college offered the Field Biology class. The class gives five credit hours with three being biology and two being physical education credits. The eight week class allowed students the opportunity to go camping and backpacking for two weekends. The first trip took them to the  Oklahoma Grasslands biome while the second trip was to the New Mexico Pine Forest biome.

This unique class gives students the opportunity to experience the outdoors in the ultimate hands-on education.


“It equips students with the knowledge to survive in different ecosystems and learn about the interactions of all the living organisms in the ecosystem,” said Ty Hughbanks.

Some of the activities they do while backpacking include insect collecting, water sampling, astronomy, mountaineering and storytelling.

Ibeth Ortega said, “My favorite activity was hiking up the mountain and feeling the adrenaline kick in. I conquered some of my fears.”

“The trip to Oklahoma in September was amazingly beautiful. Most of us did not realize there was such a beautiful location within a half hour of home. I thought the most interesting part was exploring around the archeological site where Native Americans had resided,” said Hughbanks.


“I enjoyed getting to know new people on a personal level and getting the backpacks off as well. The games were great too,” said Ortega.

Hughbanks’ favorite thing about the class is the type of bond he has with his students.

“[I love] getting to know each of the students in a more personal way and watching each of them expand their horizons and have new experiences outside their normal comfort zone. The bonding and friendships that are germinated in this course last the rest of their lives and that is a wonderful thing to be a part of,” said Hughbanks.

According toHughbanks the main focus of the class is to “Appreciate the beauty of the world we live in and have a minimum impact of the environment. Leave only footprints behind.”