Benefits of using on-campus resources if troubled with career choice


Keynitra Houston

In order to prepare for an upcoming test Patrick Smith is seeking study tips from Mariah Cline. Mariah Cline is available to help students by appointment.

Yesenia Montanez, Reporter

College is one step closer to a student’s career path. To others, it is a door to self discovery.

Jacqueline Rivera, Liberal, said she had an idea of what she wants to do. She wants to get a degree in business but is not sure what to do after she obtains her degree. Seward County Community College offers free services for students to use and clubs and organizations for students to participate in. Students can also choose any advisor they would like.

Mariah Cline is the Director of Counseling, Advising and Career Services, and the main person that specializes in those topics.

Mariah Cline prepares to start her work day. Students are used to seeing Cline’s face in the student success center.
Keynitra Houston
Mariah Cline prepares to start her work day. Students are used to seeing Cline’s face in the student success center.

“ Mariah Cline prepares to start her work day. Students are used to seeing Cline’s face in the student success center”.

In the counseling aspect of her job, Cline helps the students socially, emotionally and academically.

Cline said, “I work with students through challenges and hardship, but also celebrate with them through successes. Students see me when they have relationship issues, family issues, friend issues, class issues, and for a ton of other reasons. Together we problem solve to make life better.”

In the advising aspect of her job, Cline talks to her students about their goals and future plans. From there she tries to align their goals and plans with a certificate, credential or degree at SCCC. Then she helps the student choose his or her classes in order to achieve that goal.

The last part of her job involves career services. Cline has helped students find part time jobs, internships and build their careers. She communicates with businesses and within different industries to know what job openings are available. From gathered information, she informs students if there are openings. She has helped students gain skills for interviews or writing resumes as well.

“I would encourage a student who doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up to explore; visit classes on various subjects, job shadow, talk to people in jobs the student finds interesting and take interest inventories,” Cline said.

Makayla Woodruff, a former Seward student, was helped by Cline in not just the school aspect but in everyday life and personal problems.

Woodruff said, “The reason I am where I am today is because she believed in me. It’s something like that, that sounds so simple, but makes a world of difference in someone’s life.”

At Woodruff’s starting point of college, she did not have a clue what she would want to do. She would change her mind everyday about her career path. Cline would sit down with Woodruff going through pretty much all aspects of herself. What interest her, what doesn’t, what she loved, and what she doesn’t.

Woodruff is now at Garden City Community College finishing her general education courses. She is also on the Garden city cheer team and describes herself as doing great.

“I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. We need counsellors to care like she does and invest in her students like she does,” Woodruff said.

Having indecisive thoughts it is something all college students go through. Joining clubs and having advisors are built to help the students gain self discovery and in what they want to do in their career.