Election 2016: Know the issues

By Crusader Staff

In the turbulent time of this Presidential election, it’s important to be an informed voter. To be an informed voter is to be an educated citizen- someone who is engaged and politically conscious. Staying aware of current events and public policy that pertains to your community means figuring out how your elected politicians and potential candidates are expected to vote on them.

Where do presidential candidates stand on issues important to college students?


Supports a bull that closes a loophole in a bill that requires the government to stop tracking suspected terrorists once they are in the U.S.
Supports a fair tax system and strongly supports labor and worker's rights and raising the minimum wage to meet financial needs.
Has been fighting for racial equality since she was a student at Harvard Law School.
Supports making community colleges free of tuition.


Wants to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the U.S.
Under Trump's proposed tax reforms, everyone would get a cut.
Trump plans to build a wall to keep immigrants from crossing the border from Mexico. He also plans for Mexico to build the wall.
Wants to improve public schools and reduce interest on student loans.


Believes foreign terrorism suspects should be given constitutional rights.
Wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and wants to make Wall Street, big corporations and the rich pay their fair share of taxes.
Stein opposes deportation and supports the Dream Act.
Believes that there should be cuts in military spending in order to reduce the national debt.

Supports involving congress in the military.
Johnson thinks we should make a more efficient system where immigrants are paying taxes.
Believes that it is racist to judge others on their birth.
Is for getting rid of guaranteed government student loans in order to cut tuition prices.