SCCC students’ share their way of celebrating the holidays


Angelica Alfaro, Reporter

It’s that time of the year Thanksgiving and Christmas. Seward County Community College students are off for the holidays. Most students are spending the holidays with their loved ones eating tons of food or playing board games. The holidays are always the best time of the year.

Ashley Oropeza spends time at her sister’s house. All of her family gather for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oropeza explains that they prefer doing this gift exchange because it is better than having to buy everyone something.

“We have a gift exchange in which we draw people’s name. Everyone spends up to $250 on the person,” said Oropeza.

Like Oropeza, Vianca Gasca also has a gift exchange.

Gasca said, “We always have to open gifts at midnight because it’s when Christmas begins.”

Foodwise, Gasca’s family have tamales to eat and ponche to drink. Besides always having tamales, Gasca mentions that her sisters bring side dishes because they have a big family.

“We celebrate the holidays at my house because my house is my grandparents house,” said Gasca.

John Dylan Mitchell Ketcherside mentions that his family has the traditional holiday dinner every year.

“We eat turkey and ham every year, along with many sides. There’s plenty to eat for everyone,” said Mitchell Ketcherside. The holidays are always fun because it’s when family comes together, explains Mitchell Ketcherside.

Eloisa Aquino’s family goes big for the holidays. They go big because they are a big family, just on her mother’s side it is about 16 siblings, who have kids, and some of those kids have kids. Aquino mentions that her family is always getting together, not just for the holidays. The Aquino family spend the holidays usually at her house because it’s one of the biggest to fit everyone in. Since the entire family gets together they always have a lot of food to feed everyone. On Thanksgiving the must are turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, and pumpkin pie. Along with all that food everyone in the family brings a small dessert.

For Christmas Aquino explains that they make tons of tamales and pozole verde, they also make ponche. “I don’t know why, but on Christmas Eve we tend to watch scary movies up until midnight,” says Aquino. All the kids get gifts and the adults have Secret Santa.

“New Years is like Christmas all over again. It is my brothers birthday on the 31st so we are celebrating him along with the New Year,” Aquino says. Aquino mentions that her brother always gets the most presents since his birthday falls during the holidays.

From what these students do to celebrate the holidays, holidays are about being with loved ones. Getting together, eating food, opening gifts, giving thanks are simple things to bring joy to families. During the holidays don’t forget to be thankful and have fun. Happy holidays!