Parking permits cause dilemma on SCCC campus

David Gomez, reporter

A big change came to campus with the implementation of mandatory parking permits to all SCCC students. The students have not been shy about expressing their opinions for the new parking permit and the fines they are receiving.

The parking permits were not made mandatory until 2 months into the fall semester. That means that it was half a semester until students would begin to receive fines for not having a permit. Students believe that if the permits were not mandatory until October, that they should not have to pay for a permit until the spring semester.

Anthony Anaya said, “I think if they are going to charge us, they should at least do it at the beginning.”

Security Director Dennis Mulanax assured that this concern has been addressed. Starting in Spring 2017, the parking permit fee is a part of the student’s initial enrollment fee rather than it being a secondary charge.

When students purchase a parking pass, they are also shown a list of the possible fines that SCCC security tickets. On this list is a fine for parking in two lines. This a questionable fine considering that both students and faculty have complained that the parking lane lines are not in the best condition.

Business major Rosa Montes asked, “Why did we have to pay if those lines are shitty as fuck?” She also mentioned that she cannot park in some spaces because her truck is too big for the small parking spaces.

With only 600 students registered for a parking permit, that leaves more than 400 students who have not purchased the permit. While some students do not own cars or live without while on campus, there are others who have opted not to purchase permits at all.

When students who had not purchased a permit were asked why they chose not to participate in the mandatory parking permit, some said they would just rather risk it than participate in something that they are not aware of what it is for. Other students simply said they would rather risk the chance of not getting a ticket.

“Oh wow! They are actually giving tickets?” Ashley Oropeza said. “I should get my pass now.”

Campus security also installed new speed bumps on the north road between the main campus and the vo-tech and ag building. The speed bumps only cover one side of the road. Mulanax said he was getting numerous complaints of students driving too fast on that road and this was one way to slow everyone down.

“I don’t have a problem with the speed bumps because I just go around them,” Ecxon Vela said.

The speed bumps were added to increase student safety, yet when drivers swerve around the two bumps, it creates another problem — reckless driving.

“Why would they put speed bumps that only go halfway when people are just going to swerve around them?” Zane Chance asked.

When Mulanax was told about the numerous complaints of the new speed bumps, he explained that the plan is to put more speed bumps on the same road. He stressed the main concern is to keep everyone on campus safe.