Changing your major too much?

Saints talk about the effects of degree changes and graduating


Keynitra Houston

Studying his major in engineering, Jorge Mendoza catches up on his work in the student success center.

Keynitra Houston, Photographer

Changing majors has been very common throughout the years of college education. Most college students change their majors, because they are unsure if they want to continue to study a specific field. Either students remain undecided or they end up changing their major more than three times. There isn’t a limit on how many times you can change your major, and credits do transfer over and you can still get your degree.

Keynitra Houston
Engineering major Jorge Mendoza changed his major six times in the engineering field.

Does changing your major affect the amount of time you can graduate? “Yes, it can, because if you change from a associative arts to generals studies it’s a extra twelve hours. You have to have 64 credit hours in general to be able to graduate with a degree,” Advisor coordinator, Patsy Fisher said.

According to Fisher roughly 15 students have visited her office to change their major this academic year. Fisher said, “The best transfer degree to go on with is Associate of Arts. With this degree, you will automatically be a junior at your next school.” Sometimes advisors and students may forget to go over the changes they may have made prior to discussing degree plans, Fisher mentions.   

Keynitra Houston
Freshman Malik Brown receives help from advisor Patsy Fisher whenever it is needed.

Sophomore, Jorge Mendoza, said that he has changed his major six times since being in college. Mendoza explained that he changed his major as much as he did because he started off in engineering, being unaware to all the different areas he could study. “I was unsure. I realized money isn’t everything, and I also wanted to explore my options,” Mendoza said. Most of his majors were in the engineering field. From starting out in general engineering, Mendoza decided to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering after an experience in a intership. “I got around more engineers that motivated me,” Mendoza said.

Keynitra Houston
Freshman Jennifer Rehmke changed her major from Athletic Training to Nursing.

Some students don’t have internships to help them decide what degree they want to go into. Freshman, Jennifer Rehmke, first went into athletic training, then later found out that she did not want to pursue a career in that field. She is now a nursing student, and is happy with her decision.