Saints take an “L”

Odalys Avalos, Reporter

The Saints lost their 18th game of the season Feb. 16 to the Neosho County Panthers, 70-57. Despite the final score, the Saints led the game, 5-2, in the first couple minutes. But the Panthers soon took control of the game and never looked back.

The Saints defense is what saved them from a blowout, at half time Saints were down 13 points making Neosho in the lead 35-22. Starting the second half Saints quickly gained momentum by scoring five points but lost it as Chanute made their comeback with 13 points.

Charles Beauregard led the Saints in scoring with 21, while Ernest Carter grabbed 11 rebounds.

Feb. Sat. 18 Saints will play at 8:05 against Independence for Homecoming night.  Free tickets are available courtesy of our buyout sponsor Pizza Hut at their Liberal locations.

Keynitra Houston
Freshman Joshua Jackson passes the ball during practice drill.
Keynitra Houston
Saints practice their defensive skills as a team by splitting up into two teams during practice.
Keynitra Houston
Teammates Ernest Carter and Jeromie Simmons communicate in order to score a basket during practice.