Magic show is a success

Homecoming week 2017

Angelica Alfaro, Co-Editor

If you didn’t make it to the magic show last night you definitely missed out. The show was full of excitement and fun. Daniel Martin is the number one male entertainer. From jokes to magic tricks, he lives up to the title. Martin was brought to perform at Seward County Community College as an activity for homecoming. 

Keynitra Houston
Magician Daniel Martin, asks the audience to help him with one of his tricks.

Martin called up several volunteers to help him throughout the show. The first volunteer was Dane Friederich. Friederich was asked to the name the first beverage that popped into his mind, it was Pepsi. Martin had a bag that contained a beverage inside, it was Sprite. Throughout the trick I kept thinking “this guy is going to turn that Sprite into Pepsi,” but he didn’t.

At the end of the trick I had a good laugh, but nothing really happened. When Friederich was going back to his seat, Martin stopped him. He made sure that the audience saw that the Sprite was empty, he then handed it to Friederich and it was full. I was amazed on how that can even happen, but it is magic.

Throughout the show, he showed how to pickpocket and asked a baseball player to be his volunteer. I have no clue how Martin did it, but he took credit cards from his wallet without the player even knowing. Martin switched items in players short from his right pocket to his left. The player then handed Martin a one dollar bill and somehow Martin made it into $100 bill. How he did, I’ll never know.

Martin continued to a trick where he and the audience tricked a student into thinking that he was reading minds and being invisible. The student stepped out of the theater for a few minutes while Martin discussed how everything was going to go down. When the student came back in, Martin announced the next magic trick was to make people disappear. The student sat in the chair and a cover was placed on him. Martin counted to three and took off the sheet and the audience went crazy. Where did the student go?

Keynitra Houston
SCCC student Dakota, volunteers to help Daniel read someone’s mind.

The final thing Martin showed was a cigar box with items that his grandpa left behind. When Martin was little, his grandpa, Poppy, played a game with him. Poppy asked Martin to name a card, Martin picked ace of spades. In the box was Poppy’s wallet with three $2 bills. Martin then asked the audience to call a grandparent they were close with. A baseball player got ahold of his grandpa- Coy.

Martin spoke on speakerphone with Coy and asked him to name a card, the card he named was ace of spades. Martin then turned over the dollar bills and they read “ace of spades.” Finally Martin looked in the wallet and there was an ace of spades.

Keynitra Houston
Closing out the show with his grandfather’s cigar box, Daniel ends the show with a card guess from a student’s grandparent in the audience.

The show was a great time. I went into the show thinking it was just another magic show, but Martin really kept the audience entertained. He had a variety of tricks which all were very cool. I would definitely go to another one of his show again, if I ever got the chance to.