New art degree will be available in the fall of 2017

Lisa Suzuki, Reporter

In the fall of 2017 Seward County Community College will have a new major. The major will be an associate degree of applied science and graphic design.

This major has a terminal degree, so if students take this after graduating college they can find a job. Any student can take this class even if they are not an art major student.

Professor Dustin Farmer from the SCCC Art department mentioned that the new major is highly recommended for graphic design, because they have a lot of similar types of classes and these would be specific ones necessary for graphic design.

For the fall semester of 2017, SCCC will be adding Graphic Design I, 3D Modeling I, Web Animation, Typographic Design and Digital Image Editing.

In the spring semester of 2018, SCCC will be adding II with each class. These courses are three credit hours each.

Keynitra Houston
Students who are taking art classes have their work put up on the walls in the humanities building.

SCCC already has an associate art degree program, but if students take it with the associate degree of applied science and graphic design that would be the best for their future.

Farmer is looking forward to having a lot of student take these classes next semester and he encourages the students to take advantage of any art classes in the future.