13 Reasons Why trends among students

Angelica Alfaro, Co- Editor

13 Reasons Why has exploded on social media. The series recently launched on Netflix March 31, taking college campuses — including Seward County Community College — by storm. 

“The series is really good. It’s real life and can happen to anyone and at any school,” freshman Nayomi Vasquez said. “It took me some time to finish it, but once I did it was great and now I want to read the book when I get a chance to.”

The series is based off the book by Jay Asher. Once it was added on Netflix Jessica Aldave- Ramos decided to watch it. “[It’s trending,] because suicide is very prevalent and that’s what the show is about.” She continued to mention that the show truthfully shows what suicide is about and what really happens and why.

Throughout season one Clay Jensen is required to listen to tapes that were delivered to him. The tapes are the 13 reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself.

Beth Dubber/Netflix

Each tape is for a certain person that caused her to commit suicide. The tapes start off with her first kiss- Justin. The tapes continue to teenagers who used to be her so-called friends and to people who simply did her wrong.

Throughout Jensen’s listening time Hannah’s parents want to know what caused their daughter to kill herself. Her parents have a lawsuit against Liberty High even though they are having money issues.

Since Jensen is one of the last tapes, all the others who have listened to the tapes know that he has them. All the others finished listening to the tapes pretty quickly, but Jensen is taking it day by day because it is too much for him to process.

Tony is in charge of making sure everyone on the tapes listens and passes the tapes onto the next person. He helps Jensen get through the tapes since it can be too much for me. The teenagers don’t want the tapes to be passed onto the next person since some believe that “Hannah’s truth” is not the real truth.

Some students at SCCC finished the series within a day or two. There are others who take it day by day just like Jensen. There are others who don’t have the time but are fitting the shows into their day. There’s even one reading class that watched an episode after a student did a book report. And then there are those who simply haven’t watched it.

“I started watching the series, because a close friend recommended it and said it was really good,” freshman Jordan Gardea said. “So far the show is good but really dramatic. I’m on episode 11 and from what I’ve watched I think one of the reasons will be because she was raped since each tape gets worse each time.”

Although there is only one season up on Netflix, there has been a couple of things said about a second season coming out. “At the end I cried really bad, because of how [Hannah’s] parents react and it’s sad to see that she thought suicide was the only way out. Her counselor wasn’t even there for her and just told her everything was going to be fine,” Aldave-Ramos said.