Saints bring home the NJCAA Region VI Championship

Angelica Alfaro, Co- Editor

Seward went up against Barton and Cowley in Great Bend for the NJCAA Region VI Championship. Seward won the Championship and brought home eight titles.

The Saints only lost one match and it was #1 for singles.

Duro Opacic won the #2 title for singles, following at #3 was Ondrej Nice, at #4 Przemek Zielinski, at #5 Claudio Quinones and at #6 Ngoni Makambwa.

Quinones mentioned that the tournament was amazing and that every member played really good. “We are really excited to play [at Nationals,] because it’s the first year that there is a possibility to win since the team is really good,” Quinones said.

The Saints took all three titles in doubles play. Carlos Anez and Nice won the #1 title. Alex Mosehle and Gabriel Nery followed with the #2 win and Opacic and Zielinski with the #3 win.

Seward will head to Plano, Texas for the NJCAA National Tournament. The tournament will be May 15-19. “Although, there are teams who are really good I think we can beat them and win the National Championship,” Quinones said.

Co- Editor Brynn Grieshaber also contributed to this article.