SOOOOO done with it!


Angel Meza

Photo illustration of SCCC students frustrated with their homework.

Michelle Mattich, Reporter

At the beginning of every school year, colleges around the country welcome  incoming freshmen who have chosen to get a higher education and every year, freshmen prepare themselves for their first semester of college.

There is a lot to get used to for the first year of college: class schedules, homework, even changing their sleeping habits and learning to be away from home.

With every change and new experience that comes, there is always one thing that each freshman doesn’t enjoy doing. At Seward County Community College, it’s no different.

Alondra Rios, art major, declared that studying is something that she dreads.

“There is so much information to learn,” Rios said.

For some students,  like pre-dental major, Lizbeth Marcias, microbiology is quite difficult.

First year student, Keelin Lahita, english major, expressed her opinion on first-year seminar.

“Class is totally useless, I don’t think I need to see my advisor three times a week,” Marcias stated.

While these students feel like they could go the rest of the semester without studying or going to class, there is some hope to get through it.

“I just need to manage my time and make time to study.” Rios said.

Students have found certain ways to aid in their success, even in the areas they don’t like. For some students like Marcias, reading the book will help them to get through the class. Others like Lahita find that meeting people who have the same opinion about the class and sharing the same humor will make the class more bearable.

At the beginning, there is always that class or task that as freshmen or sophomores, you dread; but, the good thing is that there is provided help to get through the semester. At SCCC, there is the math resource center, the library and the english center that are able to provide assistance for students and help face the challenges.