Lady Saints struggle to earn victory


David Quiroz

Giovanna Kuntze sets up Giovanna Tapigliani during their matchup against Colby Community College. Tapigliani is known for her deadly hits.

Angel Meza, Sports Editor

The Lady Saints kept their momentum throughout the whole Jayhawk West Conference and managed to keep it when going against Colby Community College. Seward seemed to have a tough time finding their momentum in the beginning, but came out strong with a huge win. Colby put up a good fight, by keeping the scores close but failed in a 3-1 loss.

In the first set, the Lady Saints couldn’t communicate with one another to find their usual pace. Due to that, Colby took advantage and made a lead but couldn’t keep it to finish the set. Unfortunately for Colby, Seward bounced back and started to make a lead of their own. Throughout set one, you could tell that Colby was trying to not feel intimidated but Seward came out with a win, 25-23.

As soon as set two began, the Lady Saints showed no mercy by getting an early lead. Seward only made two errors in the set, which marked their best set in the season. Set two seemed to be Seward fans favorite. Since set one wasn’t the best for the Lady Saints, the fans cheered loudly throughout the set. The fans would cheer every single play the Lady Saints would do against Colby. Thanks to the fans and the Lady Saints strong effort, they easily took the set with a score of 25-10.

In set three, Colby somehow found their rhythm again and got another early lead. Sadly for Seward, they tried to put up a good fight but came short. The Lady Saints had multiple unfamiliar errors and Colby took advantage and it lead them to winning the third set, 20-25.

“Their defense was absolutely unbelievable. We took a while to adjust our defense and we needed to move around and find our rhythm. They just played really good overall and definitely gave us competition,” said SCCC Head Coach Thais Allen.

For set four, the Lady Saints knew they needed to win in order to finish the match. Since the beginning, loud thundering strikes came from multiple Lady Saints making Colby speechless and unable to respond. Unluckily for Colby, two of their errors lead Seward win the set, finishing at 25-16.

“It was a good win. We didn’t come out as strong as we needed to, which is something we’re definitely working on mentally,” said Coach Allen.

Seward County finished the match with a .394 hitting percentage, 3.0 blocks, 67 digs, and 10 aces. Defense wise, it was lead by Brianna Domino (16 kills), Viviane Viana (16 digs), and Giovanna Kuntze (10 digs).

“I think it’s going to be more of a mental game and we need to be mentally prepared. We’re very excited for Saturday and hopefully we come out with a win,” said Coach Allen.

The Lady Saints will finish their regular season on Saturday, Oct. 28, against Hutchinson hosted at the Greenhouse at 6:30pm.