Lady Saints struggle for victory over Frank Phillips College


Angel Meza

Sophomore Vanessa Caro dribbles past her opponent to make an easy lay up. Vanessa scored 12 points against Frank Phillips College.

Angel Meza, Sports Editor

Although the Lady Saints earn their victory against Frank Phillips College, it was a tough battle throughout the game. Multiple unusual errors and lack of hustle held down the Lady Saints, but managed to still come out with a challenging win. Seward County hosted Frank Phillips College on Wednesday, Nov. 8.

In the beginning of the first half, the crowd was already cheering and loving the game. The reason being was because in the tip-off, the Lady Saints won and received the ball to start the game. Within less than 10 seconds of the game, freshman Amy Scott hyped the crowd by breaking her opponent’s ankles, which lead her stumbling and falling.

During the first half, the Lady Saints kept a tough lead, but Frank Phillips didn’t seem to intimidated because they managed to keep the score close. Unfamiliar errors coming from the Lady Saints had the fans shaking their heads. Seward County had nearly 20 turnovers in the first half, which Frank Phillips took advantage and turned it into points. The final score for the first half was 28-25, Seward leading.

“Early on our post players were just killing us. They had multiple errors and lazy passes, which lead us losing our offensive rhythm,” SCCC Women’s Head Coach Wynn said.

Throughout the second half, the Lady Saints began to lose their confidence as Frank Phillips started to make easy buckets. Even though they kept scoring, somehow the Lady Saints managed to keep their lead, but it was very close. Same from the first half, Seward had multiple errors, mostly turnovers, but they limited them towards the end. Sadly for Frank Phillips, they came short and lost they game. The final score was 61-47, making the Lady Saints 2-0.

Although the Lady Saints had a tough win, they had a 46.7 overall field goal percentage and were 60.0 percent on free throws as a team. The player of the night was Sophomore Mollie Mounsey scoring 16 points and seven rebounds.

“We just got to play better on defense and not let them get a chance to get a lead. These two days before going against Hutchinson, were definitely going to work on our energy and hope to have better energy whenever we play on Saturday,” Mounsey said.

“Frank Phillips played a really great game tonight. This is the best Frank Phillips team I’ve seen since I’ve been coaching. In my opinion, I think Frank Phillips should’ve won the game tonight, they were better prepared and their team played more aggressively than we did,” Head Coach Wynn said.

The Lady Saints will have two days to prepare themselves as they compete on Saturday, Nov. 11, against the Hutchinson Blue Dragons at 6 p.m.