Transferring to FHSU is now easier for students


Photo courtesy of SCCC Public Relations

Seward County Community College and Fort Hays State University are finding ways to help students transfer credits. Fort Hays State Interim President Andy Tompkin and SCCC’s president Ken Trzaska and signed an articulation agreement Nov. 28 stating that credits will transfer seamlessly in 15 different degrees.

David Gomez, Club Reporter

On Wednesday, Nov. 29, Seward County Community College President Ken Trzaska and Fort Hays State Interim President Andy Tompkin signed an articulation agreement. This partnership provides students with an opportunity to attain bachelor degrees by seamlessly transferring credit hours. This plan will affect 15 different degree options such as business, criminal justice, biology, mathematics and psychology.

Tompkins, who was a once member of the Hugoton school district, is proud that he is able to partner with a college such as SCCC. “I’ve gotten to know this institution and it is a wonderful place,” Tompkins said.

This agreements is just the last of many academic partnerships between SCCC and FHSU. The two institutions have been working together for over 20 years to provide a smoother academic transition. Tompkins and Trzaska both agree that this move will benefit students for years to come.

Trzaska said, “An opportunity such as this to provide those students to continue their education at Fort Hays State University is equally remarkable  and we are grateful for this partnership, and grateful for the opportunities it will continue to provide for our students and our community.”

With this partnership, students transferring from SCCC to FHSU will have a smoother transfer of credits for their selected degree. Tompkins hopes that this partnership will help raise the transfer rates of students who elect to attend FHSU, “This has a mutuality… Great opportunities for (SCCC) students and hopefully great opportunities and relationships with (SCCC),” Tompkins said.

Among the degrees, SCCC and FHSU have partnered to include: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice; Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business; Bachelor of Business Administration in Management; Bachelor of Business Administration; Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing; Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance; Bachelor of Science in Biology; Bachelor of Science in Mathematics; Bachelor of Science in Psychology; Bachelor of Social Work; and Bachelor of Science in Technology Leadership. Many of these degrees are expanded with concentrations in certain areas.