Social Work Program through FHSU at SCCC


Amberley Taylor

SCCC partnered with FHSU to help students who want to pursue a degree in social work be able to get their bachelor’s at SCCC. The program will take place in online classes and a three hour night class once a week.

Michelle Mattich, Reporter

Seward County Community College and Fort Hays State University have announced a new program for students wanting to go into a social work program. It gives students an option to get their four-year bachelor’s degree without leaving Liberal. It is called the “BSW cohort option.”

Tim Davis, department chair of the program, explained that the process is just like applying to FHSU. A student must meet all the requirements to be admitted to FHSU which includes having a 2.5 GPA by the end of the first semester. The application is online and accessible to those who want to participate in the program.

Once admitted, the individual is considered a virtual student. Davis explained that some classes are online while others take part in a classroom setting. The on-campus class is going to be held once a week for three hours. The rest of the classes will be in an online setting. The program also calls for field work requirements.

In order to complete the program, an associate’s has to be obtained. Once that is complete, the program will take another three years to complete. Davis discussed that later on it will be changed so that it will be available to complete in two and a half years. Once completed, a degree from FHSU is obtained.

The program is a new option for those who want to work with people and would love to help to change lives. If interested, contact Tim Davis at 785-628-5395.