Insidious: The Last Key will have you screaming


Photo Credit goes to: Universal Studios

Insidious: The Last Key involved an older psychic lady, Elise Rainier, has to go back to her childhood home to deal with dark forces that haunted her throughout her childhood.

Michelle Mattich, Reporter

The minute the theatre darkened, I started freaking out because I had realized that I had not mentally prepared myself for this movie. My friend also had realized this and we both stared wide eyed at each other, while covering our faces with our candy bars.

Insidious: The Last Key is seemingly the prequel to the very first Insidious movie (2010), in which Elise Rainier, a psychic, has to go back to her childhood home to deal with dark forces that haunted her throughout her childhood. It gives insight to Elise’s childhood, which was filled with violence and death.

Photo Credit goes to: Universal Studios
Insidiout: The Last Key is the prequel to the first move, Insidious, which came out in 2010.

Elise learns about her psychic ability and proceeds to help people. When she gets the call from Ted Garza, the current resident of the house, she tries to cast the demon in her childhood home away; but soon, the ghost opens her eyes to horrific family secrets.

I give an A+ for the jump scare factor. This movie is filled with ugly pop ups that kept me clutching my popcorn container even just five minutes into the movie. I screamed so loud in certain parts my throat was sore even after I left the movie theatre.

Crusader gives Insidious: The Last Key four out of five stars for its scary plot line.

The plot itself is interesting and honestly quite sad, but it helps build up tension. There’s even an appearance from the very scary demon that appeared in the first Insidious movie; that demon will surely give me nightmares.

This movie gets four out of five stars on my rating. When it comes to a horror movie, a scary plot line and demons are always a good mix. Also, if you keep up with the Insidious universe, it is easy to piece together the sequence of the movie.

I absolutely recommend it if you like a good plot and terror and the subject of the great unknown but if you get scared easily (like myself), it will leave you in the fetal position on your feet and give you a sore throat.